Thursday, 19 February 2009

We are all made of stars

Okay, so that was the title of a Moby song, but it was hardly original even to him. Astrophysicists have traced our origins back beyond the dimmest memories, even beyond the Primordial Soup from whence we first emerged, and have concluded that everything - EVERYTHING - originated in the nuclear explosions of early stars. Before that, the only things in existence were a bunch of hydrogen and helium molecules, with a minute trace of the 'other elements' that would eventually clump together to form 'us'. How cool is that?

There still seems to be huge divide between science (evolutionists, say) and religion in terms of beliefs about 'where it all started', each one sitting in mutual mistrust of the other (apart from physicists and maybe mathematicians, who are getting close). It seems fairly obvious to me, however, that the real answers to life lie somewhere in-between them, that 'God' and science aren't mutually exclusive, but rather the two sides of the same coin. Of course, if any scientists were to admit that, they'd lose their research grants, real quick-like.

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