Thursday, 19 February 2009

Neptune on the MC: The Art of Self-Sabotage

Neptune on the Midheaven is a tricky aspect to have: it's a blessing, it's a curse. Neptune rules all things foggy and nebulous: dreams, drugs, and deception are its keywords. Okay, okay, so it has some creative, even prophetic, qualities too, but it doesn't take much to see the links between dreams and creativity, or drugs and prophesying. Just ask a former acquaintance of mine, who thought he was an orange. Yes, the fruit.

The Midheaven traditionally rules honour and glory; your career; the way you manifest yourself on the stage of the world; and your mama. Having any planet on or near the 10th angle gives this house and angle more 'oomph', or, in the case of Neptune, more 'oooh'.

You can see what the combination of Neptune, the planet of swirling mist and illusion, and the strongest angle in the natal chart, can do to a person. In one word: indecision.

My Midheaven sits in the sign of Scorpio, a mysterious, dark, watery, surgical sort of sign. Having Neptune (the planet of drugs) in Scorpio on the Midheaven strongly suggests either a career in medicine or the helping professions, some sort of 'glamourous' profession (like film or fashion or Art), or a job as a martyr of some sort. Joan of Arc must have had Neptune on the Midheaven, perhaps in a fire sign.

If only Neptune would let me settle! I have (so far) been interested in, and studied for: medicine (I did pre-med), nursing, social work, refugee work, and complementary medicine. I've also considered counselling, osteopathy, and massage. Note the element of sacrifice in all these careers: they all take a lot from the person, and give a lot back.

The problem being, of course, that just as soon as I decide on a path and take steps to study it more intensively (see my 9th house Jupiter), I change my mind; or rather, it changes itself, leaving me back at Square One.

I don't have many of what are considered 'bad' Neptune aspects: Neptune sextiles Pluto, so through my visions/imaginings, I am able to transform myself at a fundamental level. Neptune squares my natal Mars, and let this be a warning to anyone out there with this aspect: drugs are bad, very, very bad, for Mars squared Neptune people. Take care, even with ibuprofen. I had a minor surgery (Mars) under anaesthesia (Neptune) and not only woke up in the middle of it, but discovered that I couldn't breathe, either.

Regardless of the lack of too many hard Neptune aspects, I find this Neptune placement to be the most challenging part of my chart: it simply won't let me 'be' someone in a career for too long, before I find a way to scupper myself, change my mind, and try something else. This is fine when one is twenty and still discovering the world. At my age, it's troublesome, to say the least.


  1. I have Mars squared Neptune too but haven't woke up in the 2 surgeries i did. I think for me it manifests as indecisiveness in everything i do. Mars in Libra and Neptune in 10H near 11. Neptune also conjuncts my Moon sextiles my Pluto-Sun-Merc stellium, making me the intense poet i nowadays am known as.
    I keep changing my mind regarding my career - i was interested in programming, graphic design(i do abit of freelance work), psychology and science, but eventually thought of being a teacher. Then now i'm regretting why I majored in Chemistry instead of engineering... Having a Sag MC doesn't help too.

  2. You have a fear of completing your schooling, because Pluto on your South Node in the sign of perfectionism will not allow you to feel worthy. You constantly have to start all over again, and throw away all your hard earned pursuits, because of your inherent lack of self worth. This is a very common discussion in Evolution Astrology. In fact, I heard of a very similar story as the one you are having. One person was writing a thesis paper for something like 15 years, essentially because they couldn't find true feelings of love for themselves, which was needed in order to graduate. Something to ponder, my dear brother. 15 years ! I insist that Jupiter is in your 10th house, by the way. Or else this website wouldn't exist. Whole Sign Houses.